Louise Preston, owner, designer, and project coordinator

Louise Preston

Louise Preston brings an artist’s eye to each design project. With 30 years of experience running and promoting several of her own businesses, Louise has a knack for communicating your unique message to your target audience.

Louise has ten years of designing and developing websites as well as designing graphic print materials. Now focusing on graphics.




Ed Hensley, photographer, writer and editor

Ed Hensley

Ed Hensley has a background that would make you dizzy it has so many twists. The important ones for PDG are that he studied both photography and English at college, ran a photography studio, owned his own publishing service, all in addition to a world of experience ranging from newspaper writer and editor to Arctic photographer. The magic he works with cameras and light is matched only by the magic he works with words. See Ed’s photography site here: http://www.edhensley.net . Ed now owns Hensley Studio, a full service photography studio which is also available for photographers and classes.